Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Make Commercial Real Estate Simple With Stated Income Loans

stated-incomeAt Binger Commercial Capital, we know that a traditional commercial loan might not be the best option in every situation. That’s why we offer a wide range of funding options, including stated income loans.

Our Programs

These loans generally involve a decreased focus on the income and assets of the borrower, making them an excellent choice for real estate. Stated income commercial real estate loans are approved based on whether a property’s income value can service the mortgage, insurance, and taxes on the property.

Potential Applications

Stated income loans have many similarities to traditional loans, although they are much simpler to obtain. The reduced amount of documentation streamlines the process and speeds up approval, allowing you to get started more quickly. This makes this type of financing an excellent choice for:

  • Debt consolidations
  • Property purchase
  • Working capital
  • Property improvements
  • Refinancing

Whether you want to purchase a property you’re renting, are trying to take advantage of a discount on inventory, or need to restructure your debt payments, our stated income commercial real estate loans can help provide you with a solution.

Tailored Plans

We work closely with every business in order to develop a plan that can help them finance their goals. Our loans tend to have low rates and high LTVs, and almost all types of commercial property are accepted. Let Binger Commercial Capital help you with your stated income loan—contact us today for more information.

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