Contract Financing

Contract Financing

Convert the Value of Your Contracts Into Cash in Hand

Contract FinancingBinger Commercial Capital provides a specialized form of funding for companies that offer services through long-term work contracts. Our contract financing program allows you to receive financing based on the value of pending or finalized contracts. Our program offers your business unbeatable flexibility, since you can tap into needed financing now instead of waiting months or years for coming installment payments.

Does Your Business Qualify?

If you have contracts worth over $1 million with clients who have high credit ratings, we may be able to offer financing. If your contract is a service contract, it must include an equipment component. Unfortunately, service maintenance contracts are not eligible for our program. We are open to working with new companies, and we often recommend this type of financing for emerging or growing companies.

Industries for Contract Financing

Our financing provides a solution for companies in a broad range of industries. Typically, we recommend contract financing if your company operates in the following areas:

  • Any emerging disruptive innovations
  • Computer systems and software
  • Broadcasting, communications or entertainment
  • Water purification, recycling or other waste disposal
  • Medical, banking, retail or food processing
  • Education or municipal

If you work in another industry and believe your company qualifies for our program, feel free to contact us for additional information.

Pursue Financing Today

Secure the financing that your company needs to compete and grow. Call Binger Commercial Capital today to learn more about our contract finance program or begin the application process.

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