Acquisition Financing & Business Mergers

Making Transitions With Merger and Acquisition Financing

Binger Commercial Capital has the experience and expertise necessary to help guide your corporation’s growth through smart financing. Our acquisition financing programs allow you to expand your business in a dynamic economy.

Buying and Blending

Mergers and acquisitions are an important part of corporate finance, and if done correctly they can be strong investments in the future of a business. However, purchasing another company or combining it with your own can be an expensive undertaking, and very few companies have the resources to make this transaction with cash. A good financing plan from a trusted institution is absolutely essential.

Our Offerings

We offer a variety of different mergers and acquisitions loans, ranging in size from $1 million up to $500 million depending on your needs. Our rates tend to be low and our loan to value (LTV) ratios are high, allowing you to get the capital that your business needs.

Custom Financing

Every business is different and situations can vary, which is why we work so hard to create a custom financing plan for each merger or acquisition. We analyze the businesses involved in great detail, especially the company that is being acquired. This allows us to leverage the acquisition’s existing assets to help with your financing.

Here at Binger Commercial Capital, we want to help your company succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your acquisition financing.

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