11 Apps To Increase Efficiency For Small Business Owners

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In this digital age, small business owners carry their offices with them in the form of smartphones and tablets. Despite the advances in technology, entrepreneurs are still looking for ways to increase efficiency and save time. We have compiled a list of apps that can help boost efficiency and productivity for anyone who owns a small business.


One of the more versatile apps out there for entrepreneurs, Evernote allows entrepreneurs to make lists, notes, and brilliant ideas. Notes can be exported to email, and sent to your team when prioritizing projects.


Google has a number of tools designed for small business owners, and GoogleDocs provides cloud-based documents and spreadsheets which can be used for collaboration projects on the go.


Skype is the ultimate app for small business meetings and conference calls. Now people can work on projects, or have face-to-face meetings, regardless of location.


Clear is perhaps one of the most powerful, yet easy to use time management apps out there for small business owners. Clear makes sure entrepreneurs are productive and making the most of their time for work, while also ensuring they have ample personal time to recharge their batteries.


Square allows small business owners to accept payments from clients no matter where they are. Square turns a mobile device into a point of sale, meaning people can charge for services, goods, and even consultant visits right on the spot.


Dropbox is a powerful collaborative tool that allows your team to share files and documents with other employees, clients, banks, and anyone else who needs them.


Mailchimp is an app that sort of stands on its own, as its sole function is as a scheduled email and list manager for business marketing. Small business owners can use this app to create email blasts, manage or merge lists, and schedule the delivery of special promotions.


KanbanFlow is like having a small business project manager on your smartphone. This app allows you to develop projects, assign tasks, track progress, and share files all in one app. It works with both PCs and Macs, as well, making this little app a force to be reckoned with for small business applications.


This app is perfect if your small business does a lot of shipping and mailing. Boxmeup can create QR codes, as well as track outgoing and inbound packages.


Expensify allows small business owners to keep track of travel and business trip expenses, which can save a lot of headaches when accounting expenses and reimbursement.


Pushover is great for team projects, because it consolidates, organizes, and streamlines messages from multiple devices into one easy to navigate app. Puchover works for Windows, Android, and iOS devices.